(Meredith) -- Cheerwine, affectionately named the "Nectar of North Carolina," has a cult following with legions of devotees.

Here are some things you may not know about this cheery, cherry-flavored southern soft drink.

1. Cheerwine was the first bottled cherry soda.

2. It never contained wine or any kind of alcohol.

3. Cheerwine helped in World War II, donating scrap metal to the war effort.

4. It's an official part of a Southern Handshake -- barbecue in one hand and a Cheerwine in the other.

5. It was a North Carolina specialty until 2017, when the company spread its taste across the country.

6. It has its own fan club, called the Cheerwine Authentic Soda Society.

7. It also has its very own Cheerwine Festival, held in Salisbury, North Carolina.

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