SEMMES, Ala. (WALA)-- A 30 second video taken by a witness and sent to Fox10 reveals the moments leading up to 41-year-old Mitchell Schenkel apparently being stabbed by 17-year-old Daveniece Jones on Friday afternoon.

The video shows Jones and Schenkel arguing in the center lane on Moffett Rd. in Semmes, near the Snow Rd. intersection. 

At some point you see schenkel kick the teens car and that’s when she starts stabbing him in the chest.

Jones is charged as an adult with first degree assault.

“I've never seen anything like it happen. It was crazy.”

A witness who didn't want to go on camera says Jones was driving her white Toyota recklessly for several miles on Moffett road on Friday using the turning lane to pass dozens of cars. 

“First thought come to my mind, somebody stole a car. Trying to get away.”

Deputies say several people called 911 reporting Jones driving recklessly in the white Camry.

The witness says once she cut off Schenkel's blue F150 he started following her.

Witnesses tell deputies Jones and Schenkel started arguing in the center lane on Moffet in Semmes over Jones' reckless driving.

At some point deputies say Jones cut Schenkel on the arm with a knife.

We’re told when Jones turned to leave Schenkel kicked the back of Jones’ car.

That’s when the teen turns around and stabs Schenkel in the chest up to three times according to deputies. 

We reached out to the teens mother who claims her daughter is innocent.

Jones' mother says she stopped her car and grabbed the knife when she saw Schenkel approaching her car and told him to stop following her.

Schenkel did not want to say much, but says the girl stabbed him all the way to the handle of the knife after he kicked her car. 

Jones is out on bail.

While Schenkel tells Fox10 he is recovering.

Fox10 is still waiting on permission to air the video taken by the witness.


The victim who was stabbed multiple times during a road rage incident on Friday has been identified.

According to the Mobile County Sheriff's office, Mitchell Schenkel was stabbed by 17-year-old Daveniece Jones.

They say on February 14 at approximately 2:53 pm, their office received a call about a stabbing at the intersection of Snow and Moffett Road.

It was reported that a male and female were in the center lane arguing. Witnesses stated that Jones and Schenkel were arguing over reckless driving by the teen. Several witnesses on the scene stated that they also called 911 to report reckless driving by a White Camry driven by Jones.

Authorities say as the two continued to argue, Jones produced a knife and cut Schenkel on the arm. They say as Jones turned to leave, Schenkel kicked Jones' car and she responded by stabbing Schenkel in the chest two to three times.

They say Jones left the scene but later returned after picking up a family member.

Jones was arrested and charged as an adult for Assault 1st.

Schenkel was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. 

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