SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WALA)-- Spanish Fort police say they believe 38-year-old Robert Smith, the man accused of firing dozens of shots at Bass Pro Shops Saturday afternoon, intended on committing a mass shooting. 

“It certainly appears that his intent yesterday was to commit a mass shooting,” said Chief John Barber. 

The chief says Smith had at least eight weapons with him and used an AR-15, pistol and shotgun to fire at the building. 

A startling video posted on Youtube, taken by someone who was inside, shows the seconds officers came face to face with the accused gunman.

In the minute long clip you see smith come within feet of officers, falling to the ground after being tased. 

In the video at least four officers surround him. 

Police say he had to be tased more than once as he resisted arrest. 

“Robert Smith had body armor on when we took him into custody,” said Chief Barber. 

Photos shared by Spanish Fort police show all of the weapons Smith is accused of having with him inside of his SUV.

“He had three AR rifles in his vehicle, one AR pistol in his vehicle, a shotgun, a 9mm rifle and two handguns in his vehicle when we took him into custody,” said Chief Barber. 

Police say Smith used an AR-15, pistol and shotgun to shoot at the building and still had hundreds of rounds of ammunition left. 

It’s a miracle no one was hit, only a few bullets, of the dozens that struck the building, made it inside.

“Remarkable work the officers did yesterday taking him into custody. You know, many people when they hear gunfire they normally run away from gunfire. It’s the police that have to run to the gunfire. They place themselves in danger. They took him into custody yesterday and truly prevented what could have been a mass shooting tragedy.”

A woman who was taken into custody with Smith yesterday has been cleared for now, despite accounts from witnesses who say she was helping him.

Police say the videos they’ve seen have not shown that.

Chief Barber says at some point, they believe, she was actually trying to stop him. 

“At this time we do not believe that she was a willing participant in the event. I don’t think she knew what was happening until it was happening,” said Chief Barber. 

Investigators are now working to figure out if smith had been planning the shooting and what exactly his motive was. 

Police conducted a search of his home in Grove Hill on Sunday seeking any clues. 

Smith was not immediately booked into jail since he was taken to the hospital on an unrelated medical condition. 

He’s facing charges for assault, shooting into an occupied building, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest. 

More charges are possible. 

Guns used in Bass Pro Shops incident
Guns used in Bass Pro Shops incident
Guns used in Bass Pro Shops incident


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