According to Prichard police, a Vigor High School student was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.

Officials say Patrick Crawford, a senior at the school, was riding southbound on Highway 45 and as he approached the McDonald’s location, a vehicle turned in front of him and he ran into the vehicle on the rear of the passenger side.

Authorities say the case is still under investigation and that initial investigations indicates Crawford was not traveling at an excessive rate of speed. 

The Mobile County Public School released the following statement:

"Mobile County Public Schools and Vigor High School are saddened by the loss of Patrick Crawford, who was an outstanding student, a great football player and a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club. He was a senior at Vigor who was going to start in his first varsity football game this Friday against rival Blount High School."

According to Vigor Coach Deric Scott, “Pat was an outstanding young man. He always had a smile on his face. When you coached him, he would always listen and look you directly in the eye. He wanted to do exactly what you asked him to do. We as coaches and administrators were sitting around talking about him, and we couldn’t think of a single situation where someone didn’t like him or where he had gotten in trouble.

There’s a big hole in our heart right now, especially mine. He’s the type of person you just want to build your program around. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Scott and other school officials held a team meeting Saturday to talk about Crawford’s death and to console each other.

An outside linebacker, Crawford had played football for Vigor on the junior varsity team his freshman and sophomore years; and he joined the varsity team his junior year.

Patrick Crawford

“His first opportunity to start was going to be at the Blount-Vigor game this Friday. He was beyond excited about that," said Scott. "When I talked to his mom last night, she said he was saying he couldn’t wait until Friday came so he could be a starter.”

The Vigor Wolfpack plans to play in Friday’s game in Crawford’s honor. Blount High School Coach Lev Holly has offered to do some type of memorial before or during the game, but the details have not yet been decided.

 According to Scott, “every kid who’s on our roster comes to Vigor to play in the Blount-Vigor game, and to play in the state championships. Our kids have a tradition of that, and that is what a lot of our players look forward to. I think our team is focused on it. They know there’s a task at hand. There’s also a part of you who wants to go in and do well and represent Pat well.”

 A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with the funeral expenses.

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