By: walahalscheurich, Posted by: Liz NelsonBAY MINETTE, Ala. (WALA) -Wendy Wood Holland, aunt to missing single mother, Brittney Wood was back in a Baldwin County courtroom Monday.  This time she was arraigned on four new sex abuse charges against a minor.  Holland and nearly a dozen other relatives of Brittney Wood are suspects in a child sex ring in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.Holland has spent the better part of the last two years behind bars.  She faces multiple sex abuse charges in both Mobile and Baldwin counties, all against minors.  Even as her trial date nears, she found herself in court again facing additional charges in Baldwin County.  The new charges stem from the ongoing investigation into all of Brittney Wood's relatives who are charged with sex crimes against minors."Any time we have an investigation that is this voluminous, you have different information that comes in bits and pieces and this was just another piece off the puzzle," said Baldwin County Assistant DA, Theresa Heinz.Holland's part in that puzzle began with the disappearance of 19 year old Brittney Wood in May of 2012.  Her husband, Donald Holland, Sr. was found dead with what authorities say was a self-inflicted gunshot...the gun belonging to Wood.  Wood hasn't been seen since and most fear she is dead.  As the investigation into her disappearance began authorities say they uncovered a twisted trail of sex, incest and betrayal within the family across both counties.  These new charges are just the latest to come to the surface."Once we got the information, we acted quickly on it and presented it to a Grand Jury," said Heinz.Holland faces one count of second degree rape, two counts of second degree sodomy and one count of second degree sex abuse.  Prosecutors say the new charges are unrelated to existing ones and involve a different victim...a male who was under the age of 16 at the time.  As trial dates for many of the suspects approach, the investigation into Wood's disappearance and her family's alleged sex crimes against children continue."We're not going to stop until every person is charged and brought before the court to answer for their charges.  Any new information that comes, we're going to act on it just as thouroughly and as quickly as we have with all the other information," Heinz explained.The District Attorney's Office anticipates Holland going to trial sometime in December, but whether she goes to trial under these new charges or the ones she already faced is yet to be determined.Before Holland goes to trial, the DA's Office says another person in the child sex ring case will go to trial in October.  William Brownlee rejected a plea deal in August and will be tried on charges of sodomy second and sex abuse second.  Brownlee also faces charges in Mobile County.Holland is the aunt to missing person Brittney Wood. Wood went missing in May 2012. She was last seen with her uncle, Donald Holland, Sr. Holland killed himself shortly after with Brittney's gun. After his suicide, nearly a dozen relatives and family friends were arrested and charged with various sex crimes against children in what some law enforcement officials have called the worst child sex ring in the state of Alabama.

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