White Christmas5

So are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Of course you are!

First off, what exactly constitutes a white Christmas? The definition is 1 inch of snow on the ground on Christmas day.

Gulf Coast, Alabama?

As you would imagine, here on the Gulf Coast, the historical probability of that is... 0%. That's a bummer. We've had 1" snowfalls a few times, but they've never lined up with Christmas.

So if you want to have a chance at a white Christmas, but you don't want to jump on a plane, you've got a bit of a drive to make.

In Alabama, the best historical chance of a white Christmas is just 2%. You'll find tiny chances like that in the northern part of the state in towns like Valley Head and Muscle Shoals. For that chance you'll drive around 350 miles. Still though, that's just once in fifty years, so you'll probably want to drive farther for better odds. 


Perhaps you could head to the popular Smoky Mountain town of Gatlinburg, TN. Gatlinburg is 550 miles from Mobile, a good 8-9 hour drive. Once there you may find some snow on summits around the town, but the chance of of snow in town is just 5%. Still not great, so back in the car.

Time to crossover into North Carolina where 628 miles from Mobile you'll come to Boone, NC with an elevation of 3333 ft. That elevation makes Boone the best bet of any town in the southeast for some Christmas snow. That chance... 19% Yep, still just a one in five chance. 


Of course there are some summits you can drive up to (or hike if that's your thing). Mount Mitchell in North Carolina is the highest peak east of the Mississippi at better than 6000 ft. The chance of 1 inch of snow there on Christmas day is 41%. Not bad, but that still means that 6 out of 10 years it's a miss. 

Time to fly

Unfortunately, if you want a sure-fire chance at some Christmas snow you'll likely have to jump on a plane and head to the mountain west or the interior of New England. Sorry :( But hey, we have beaches!

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