A dramatic rescue played out in Foley Wednesday, January 23, 2019 after a woman crawled into a narrow drain pipe to rescue two puppies. She ended up being the one in need of rescue. Multiple agencies responded and worked feverishly to get her out.

It happened at the intersection of N. Pine Ave. and Peachtree in Foley. After more than 40 nail-biting minutes, 19-year-old Keziah Morales was pulled from the 18-inch drainage pipe on her street. She was dirty and bruised, but okay. It took Foley Fire-Rescue and several other city agencies working together to get her out. Morales’s roommate, Amber Cannon could just stand and watch.

“Her being the person she is, she was determined to get the dogs out because the rain fixing to start and she was worried about them so she got about halfway through and then she said…she was almost there,” Cannon recalled. “She kept talking to us and then she was like, I can’t breathe and the next thing you know she was unresponsive.”

Cannon called for help. Morales had made it most of the way across the road before getting stuck in the pipe. She recalled when she knew she was in trouble.

“I had no way out and I was stuck,” Morales said. “I had no way to move my legs or arms. The dogs were in my way. They were blocking me. They were going to try to pull me out…so they decided to call 911, especially since I was unresponsive.”

An excavator had to remove dirt and a section of pipe so that rescuers could get to her. The rain started to fall just moments after she was saved.

“I was worried that it was going to start pouring the rain and then she was going to be stuck and that her face was going to be submerged in water,” Cannon said. “That was the main reason I was really freaking out and worried about it.”

It was a happy ending thanks to the quick response and experience of first responders. Both dogs were able to make it to safety as well.

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