A local mom of two said the day before Mother's Day for her was a "Mother's Day Disappointment." Police are calling what happened "suspicious circumstances."

Kristin Barnes said her husband bought an Apple Watch online from Best Buy for her as a surprise Mother's Day gift. Barnes said her husband purchased it online because he had been out of town working in Louisiana. However, he was allowed to spend the weekend with her because of the severe weather.

Barnes said when her husband arrived Saturday to pick up the watch he bought, it was gone.

"He called me and he said 'are you playing games with me?' I said what are you talking about, just dumbfounded. He said well I'm here at Best Buy. they said you already came and got it," said Barnes.

Barnes said a woman posing as her came in and showed the cashier a fake I.D. and took the watch. Mobile Police said the unknown woman was caught on camera. She also had a young child with her, they said. Barnes said the manager allowed her to see the video when she arrived.

"He showed me the video and it was a young lady, she may have been around my age A little lighter than me, heavier than me, she had braids in her hair. She did have like a 1 or 2-year-old little girl," Barnes explained.

Investigators said the video also showed Barnes' husband come in shortly after the woman left and acting disorderly. Barnes said this is because he was angry about the apple watch. She said her husband didn't want to leave without the watch or the money.

Police said the store manager claims Barnes' husband had the same child with that the suspect did. Barnes said that's a bogus claim.

"That would be the most stupidest thing for even the dumbest criminal to do. To come in, they said this lady came in at 3:18, why would he come right back," she explained.

Barnes said she tried not to let this ruin her Mother's Day.

"I didn't let that mess up my mother's day. It's all about family, my kids. I still had a good time, but its the principle behind it," she said.

FOX10 News did reach out to Best Buy. A representative said they will not be commenting on the matter while the investigation is ongoing. They did say they are, however, fully cooperating with police in the investigation.

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Toi Thornton is a Reporter. His Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism comes from Dillard University in 2014 and his Master's degree in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University in 2016. He previously worked as the Fox anchor in Lafayette, LA.

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