SEMMES,Ala. (WALA)-- 17-year-old Daveniece Jones is accused of stabbing a man during a road rage incident on Moffett Rd. in Semmes.

Jones is charged as an adult with first degree assault.

“I've never seen anything like it happen. It was crazy,” said a man who witnessed it all.

A witness, who did not want to go on camera, says Jones was driving her white Toyota recklessly for several miles on Moffett, cutting in and out of traffic, using the turning lane to pass at least 40 cars.

“First thought come to my mind, somebody stole a car. Trying to get away.”

He says once she cut off a blue F-150 the driver of the truck started following her.

When she cut off the driver of a blue F-150, the driver of the truck started following her.

“He was trying to get her to stop. He was cutting her off trying to get her to stop. I'm assuming.”

He says finally Jones stopped and parked in a turning lane on the busy highway.

She and the driver of the F-150 got out of their cars.

The witness says Jones stepped out with what looked like a butcher knife.

“It was about 8 inches long.”

The witness says the two were talking for just a few seconds before Jones started stabbing the man at least five times in his chest.

“It happened so quick, but it took forever.”

The victim suffered life-threatening injuries.

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That’s why in Mobile you should always carry a Gun !

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