IRVINGTON, Ala. (WALA) -- An elderly woman is recovering after being mauled by a dog. It happened Tuesday morning on Quail Road in Irvington.

Eighty-year-old Carolyn Ezell says she was out on her morning walk around the neighborhood -- when the dog -- normally inside a fence -- came out of nowhere.

"When I looked, this dog was coming at me. There was no warning," recalled Ezell. "And I had a big stick. I always have a big stick. But when he came at me and I hit at him with the stick. He snatched the stick and jumped me and knocked me down. He was all over me. I just remember seeing teeth.

As the dog bit her arm, hand, and leg -- she turned to God.

"I was praying all along," she explained. "And then when he got up off me. I was screaming for help and I said, 'Lord, please help me. Help me, help me!' And that's the only thing that turned that dog around, because he was coming back at me. And he stopped like somebody stopped him, but there wasn't nobody on the street but us. So the Lord had to be the one that stopped him." 

Running on pure adrenaline, Ezell managed to run to help a few doors down. Lisa Sims heard her screams.

"I come out to my door and I looked out and I seen her barely walking," Sims said. "I mean, she was barely getting to my driveway. She was in shock, you could tell, and she was losing a lot of blood. She's got blood just running everywhere, all over her."

With an ambulance en route, Bayou La Batre Police also responded. Cell phone video shows the dog aggressively going after a truck, and at one point, Sims said, officers had to use force to keep the dog back.

"I couldn't even come in the yard," Sims said. "He was in my yard, charging after us, and the cops shot at him one time. And I thought he hit him, but he didn't." 

We're told the dog's owner voluntarily handed him over to Mobile County Animal Control. At last check the dog was in quarantine as the investigation is ongoing.

Neighbors say the family has another -- a female -- which often gets out and chases people. They said it was odd for the male dog to be out like that.

While it's unclear how the dog got out, it appears as though the dog's owner is in the process of building a higher privacy fence.

Meanwhile, Ezell received 13 double-stitches in her arm and several other stitches in wounds on her hand and leg. She's expected to make a full recovery but has several follow-up consultations with the doctor.

She and others say they're thankful the children who get off the bus daily at the corner near the house were not harmed.

"I'd rather take the attack any day than them children -- because he would have killed them. Because he was out to kill. He was," said Ezell.

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