PRICHARD, Ala. (WALA)-- Those who loved her, spent the evening remembering Jasmine Fields, who was killed by her former boyfriend on Thursday in what police say was a murder-suicide.

Jasmine's family hope to share a message in this tragedy, not only for people in abusive relationships, but for those watching their loved ones in those relationships too.

"If you know anyone suffering from domestic violence, please, even if you have to call for them… try. Please try. Don't let their call go unheard."

Purple and red balloons flying high for jasmine Saturday night.

Her friends and family remember her as "Lulu."

They say they're still trying to wrap their heads around what's become so unbelievable and life won't be the same without her. 

"She had a spirit of an angel, a rainbow. Lulu was always the type of person that no matter what the situation is she's gonna make you smile," said one of Jasmine’s best friends, Brittianna Doby.

Her cousin, Debrina Scott said, "She was always so happy, so jolly, so full of life… like never saw this coming ever. That's why it's so shocking to everybody."

Police say they are seeking counseling for fields' two young children who witnessed their mother's death. 

Her best friend and cousin say they'll make sure to take care of Jasmine's kids the way she would. 

Jasmine's funeral is set for next Saturday, October 12th, the day before her son's birthday.

A go-fund-me has been set up to help with expenses. 


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