Your State’s Favorite Viral Video

Everyday there's something new.  This week it's this teen's epic table tennis move that's making headlines as the latest viral video.

Last year it was a Popsicle problem, a haircut gone wrong, and the video of a toddler who gets so dizzy at the park, he can barely stand it.

Since YouTube launched almost 14 years ago, hundreds of videos have become viral sensations, with views surpassing MILLIONS!!

Some spend a few weeks in the spotlight and fade into internet obscurity, but a select few go on to become a cultural phenomenon.

But which viral videos see the most traction across the US? GetCenturyLink took a look at the YouTube data, here's a map of what they learned:

Virginia is for "zombie" lovers. It's the only state that prefers the "Zombie Kid" vid, despite the video being filmed in Portland, OR.

Utah is the only state to prefer the "Potter Puppet Pals" video.

Wondering where chocolate reigns? That'd be Rhode Island and Vermont, the only states where "Chocolate Rain" tops the charts

The viral video with the most views is "Charlie bit my finger- again!" which has racked up over 860 million views -- more than double the number of the U.S. population.

Can you guess which video is most popular in Alabama?  Is it Charlie Bit Me? Friday by Rebecca Black? or Honey Badger? 

While each of those are amazing in their own right, according to the data Washington's favorite viral video is..."Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife."

So how do they come up with all of this?  It's all analytics. GetCenturyLink says its ranked nearly 100 of the most popular and iconic viral videos on YouTube by original video views to narrow it down to the twelve most-watched videos. 

They then took a look at YouTube search volume by state to see which of those twelve videos each state searches for the most.

Incidentally, the most popular viral video in our study was the JK Wedding Entrance Dance, with the top searched spot in 11 states. 

Check out their full rundown online to see which video was the most popular per state.

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