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Big plans indeed

Trouble Maker

LOW FLYING COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT are not conducive to a peaceful co-existence with HIGH DENSITY POPULATED NEIGHBORHOODS. Property values drop dramatically when imposed upon by these arbitrary decisions that serve special interest groups, not the citizenry.


Looking forward to seeing United, AA, and Delta at the Downtown Airport with Frontier very soon!


Good interview; quite interesting.

Trouble Maker


Based on the last question asked regarding noise factor caused by "LOW" flying passenger jets imposed on peripheral neighborhoods and property values (this is what the interviewer's sanitized question actually meant, imo), one would have to assume a vast reduction in property values and thus a reduction in property taxes for the affected owners. The anemic non-answer to the question by the airport authority official (Chris Curry) is an enormous RED FLAG that this will be railroaded through and shoved down the throats of the adversely affected tax paying citizens who will be expected to suck it up. The reason the great majority of airports are located in low density populated areas of a town or city is precisely to avoid these issues. I smell a rat. Do you?

FAA link: https://www.faa.gov/airports/environmental/airport_noise/


To answer your question: no.

Haha... your post is so ill-informed, I don't even know where to begin. For instance, do you realize the Downtown Airport is already an airport that receives traffic at all hours of the day/night? Do you know this traffic isn't just Cessnas, it includes MD11s, 747s, and A300s (widebody freight and passenger aircraft)? The citizens who live next to this airport were not hoodwinked into believing that the airport doesn't exist... it has been there since the 1920s/30s. No one is going to be surprised by an airport being an airport.

Move along, Trouble Maker, and find something on which you can actually make trouble.

Trouble Maker

If I were you, and since you "don't even know", I'd "begin" checking with an ENT and ensure that your olfactory nerves are intact.


1) Brookly is home to MAE, an airline maintenance contractor and of course Airbus, a passenger plane manufacturer. And now Frontier has a presence as well. So an occasional large aircraft will use the airfield.

2) You DO realize there is a CG training facility there as well. Wait, maybe you didn't.

3) The air traffic that currently utilizes Brookley is minimal and not a nuisance as of yet. However, having LOW FLYING COMMERCIAL PASSENGER PLANES enter the airspace much more frequently is not just a likelihood, but a certainty, given normal flight schedules. (You've been to an airport before, right?)

4) While I appreciate your futile wish to make those of my ilk to "move along", we will persist in pursuing paid shills who actually have nothing to offer beyond the common political rhetoric. See ya again soon. [beam]



CG aviation training is at mobile regional

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