FOX10 News had the honor of taking part in a special ceremony paying tribute to our flag and our military veterans Friday morning.

FOX10 News returned a repaired American flag found during Hurricane Michael outside a business in Panama City Beach.

Military veterans, and first responders joined employees of Trustmark Bank Friday morning for a ceremony returning an American flag found by two Fox Ten News employees during Hurricane Michael.

Meteorologist Adam Oliver and Photojournalist Rodney Rocker found the American flag on the ground outside a Trustmark Bank branch in Panama City Beach while covering the storm.

Joe Holt with Trustmark said, "Our friends at FOX 10 News out of Mobile were riding by this flagpole. They saw a flag in distress. They stopped. They got out. Very neat article where they were getting the flag. They took it down, they preserved it, they cleaned it and, today, they're bringing it to us to retire that flag."

FOX10 News Anchor Eric Reynolds said, "It was soaking wet, heavy. In fact it took Rodney fifteen minutes to get the flag loose from the cords.

FOX10 News had the flag cleaned and, Friday morning, Tom Claxton with the P. L. Wilson Detachment of the Marine Corps League in Mobile presented the flag to veterans in Panama City Beach, who gave it to Trustmark officials for retirement.

FOX10 News General Manager Gary Yoder said, "On behalf of Fox 10 its truly my honor with Rodney and Adam to present this box to the good people of Panama City and properly retire this flag."

After saying the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the Star Spangled Banner, ROTC students from Panama City Beach raised a new flag.

Bobby Jones with the American Legion Riders said, "It's so important to me, especially the day before Veterans Day. The older I get, the more appreciative I am for having served and serve alongside so many great people, so many great people who gave their lives for what we have in this country. It almost brings a tear to this old man's eyes."

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