Dustin Odom is your typical Alabama fan.

"It started with my dad and his whole family is Alabama fans so I just eventually joined the ranks,” said Dustin Odom, 26-year-old with duchenne muscular dystrophy

His room filled with all things Crimson Tide.

"You can see we have the picture over here of the very first Alabama and auburn game. so that's really cool i enjoy having that."

His collection has grown over the years but there's one thing by his bed he can't live without.

"he sleeps with a ventilator and oxygen at night."

At seven years old, Dustin was diagnosed with duchenne musular dystrophy.

"Basically the strength that he was born with is all that he had so it's a deterioration of the muscles,” said Tonya Odom, Dustin’s mom.

He now relies these four wheels to get him around.

"Even though I am in a wheel chair I can’t walk. I am comfortable with myself. I can’t really complain about anything,” said Dustin.

That positive attitude has gained him a lot of friends.

Including a best friend named Nolan Robinson.

Dustin recently celebrated his 26th birthday and Nolan and their other buddy decided they wanted to do something special for the big day.

"The three of us said you know what we are going to do it we are going to take you to an Alabama game for your birthday this year. About a day later I was just thinking what if it could be even cooler than that.,” said Nolan Robinson, Dustin’s best friend.

That's when Nolan took to YouTube.

Eventually the video got to former Alabama quarterback and Mobile native Jake Coker.

Who then passed it along to Nick Saban.

They got the green light and were on their way.

Keep in mind, Dustin had no idea what was in store.

What happened next made Dustin speechless.

"There really wasn’t much going through my mind. I was just blown away," said Dustin.

"We showed up to this building we talked to the front desk and they said your private tour guide will be here in five minutes and we just looked at each other in shock like we are getting a private tour?!,” said Nolan.

They saw everything from the national championship trophy to the training room and even got to meet some pretty big time people.

Dustin Odom and Nolan Robinson meet Nick Saban

Dustin Odom and Nolan Robinson meet Nick Saban

"The first person to come up to us was Tua and he was just a friendly nice warm guy,” said Dustin.

Truly a trip of a lifetime and a friendship that can't compare to anything else.

"There are no words actually what that means to me. As a mother heart you always want your child to be accepted and loved by his peers and his friends and the extreme love Nolan has for Dustin is extremely rare for two friends,” said Tonya Odom, Dustin’s mom.

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