Welcome to the off-season.

Around here there's not a whole lot of resting involved.

For St. Paul’s it's four days a week, nearly five hours a day in the sweltering heat of a South Alabama summer.

"It's hard to make yourself get up at 7:30 four days a week and come up here and train,” said Steve Mask, St. Paul’s head football coach.

They do it for one reason

"We want to be the best. we want to be the best team in the south,” said Jordon Ingram, a senior football player at St. Paul’s.

It's during this time where the leaders of the pack emerge.

"If a kid is willing to put towards the effort it takes to do this then it's definitely going to build character and leadership that we are looking for in the off season so to me I think it's invaluable for what it does from an off season standpoint,” said Coach Mask.

It's the time to work on the little things.

"It really is not fun when you get to the game and you lose a game and don’t perform well, and you think back and say I wish I worked harder, I wish I worked on this more. That one small thing that you've been working on can turn into the thing that loses that game or the thing that doesn’t get you that college look,” said J Greene, a senior football player at St. Paul’s.

The college coaches are certainly looking at St. Paul’s, but they are only focused on what's next.

"We really want to win. We did not like the way the season ended last year,” said Brady Ward, a senior football player at St. Paul’s.

The work in the off-season is just as important as the rest.

"Stay focused. Continue living out your dream. Work hard. Don't take any days off just work,” said Jordon Ingram, a senior football player at St. Paul’s.

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