"He's that example. He's an example to his teammates, schoolmates and to other people that get to know him,” said Pete Prescott, Mobile Christian’s assistant track and field coach.

An example of hard work paying off.

"It's just you. You're just competing against yourself so it's a completely different mindset you got to have when you're throwing,” said Josiah Harry, an incoming Senior track and field star at Mobile Christian.

The payoff was four state championships and even set a state record in discus but then his junior year the track and field star was given the biggest hurdle yet.

"It was heartbreaking at first because I know the plans he had, the desires he had and what he wanted to achieve. So it was tough knowing he was going to have to deal with that,” said Coach Prescott.

A complex tear in his meniscus sidelining him for six months.

"No one thought I was going to be back for this upcoming track season. It was a hard time going through this recovery,” said Harry.

He didn't let that get him down.

"Just the attitude I got same thing as training regularly from middle school to high school. That's why I got so good because I was working hard every day. I just put that into my routine of trying to recover. I did everything doctors told me to do and therapist told me to do and pushing it even further,” said Harry.

By the end of his junior year he was back just in time for track and field season.

He wasn’t just back. He was back on the podium after he won two more state titles and broke the 4A shot put record.

"Between the two coaches I got and the teammates pushing me every day at practice I just have the best support group to get to where I need to be,” said Harry.

Showing everybody to never give up.

"Just keep working at it. You're going to get down sometimes definitely but just make sure you have that support group to keep you pushing through it. Always just keep God with you because he will help you through everything and get you to where you need to be,” said Harry.

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