McGill-Toolen's David Dolan is pretty good pole vaulting.

"He's the prototypical product of what we do at McGill, he's the guy,” said Drew Bentley, McGill-Toolen’s head track and field coach.

The senior reaches new heights every day.

"When I get out here some days I am scared to death and I think about what could go wrong, but you have to push that aside and you just got to know that you've trained for this, you've practiced for this, you've put many hours in to this and it will happen. You just got to believe,” said David Dolan, a senior pole vaulter at McGill-Toolen.

But David hasn't always believed in himself.

"My junior year the seniors that left and the seniors that left believed in me and like i saw what they went through to get to the heights they went to and i really wanted that so junior year came around and so i started to go after something,” said Dolan.

That new mindset and a lot of hard work eventually earned David the 14th ranking in the world for pole vaulters his age.

An incredible achievement that many dream of but for David that's not high enough.

"Just the fact that there are other people above me drives me. I mean I am proud of my accomplishment but I know that I am not the best that I could be and there is people above me and I want that spot,” said Dolan.

As he gets ready to compete in one final meet as a Yellow Jacket he hopes to make his team proud.

"I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave track at McGill-Toolen but I want to go out, I want to go out on a bang,” said Dolan.

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