Young Champion honored by Mobile City Council


Former Young Champion, Austin Perine was honored today at the Mobile City Council meeting.

The City Council declared May 1st as "Austin Perine Day" because of the four-year-old's good deeds and positive attitude.

"I feel like the strongest man in the whole wide world,” said Austin Perine, a local 4-year-old wrestler.

A strong young athlete, ready to take on the world

"He just wants to be great at whatever he does. Whether it is football, whether it is baseball, whether it is wrestling, whether it is being the best person he can be. He just wants to be number one,” said TJ Perine, Austin’s dad.

"Whatever I do it makes me stronger,” said Austin.

But it's Austin’s message to the world that's the strongest.

"Show love,” said Austin.

He practices what he preaches by doing his jobs.

"I have two jobs. Chasing the bad guys out of schools and giving the homeless food,” said Austin.

"He walks up to strangers and if he has food to give them he will give them food and say hey I just want you to pass love on to the next person,” said TJ.

Teaching us all a lesson.

" If a four-year-old can show unconditional love then so can we," said TJ.

Austin's ultimate goal is bigger than most.

"I want to be the president of the United States of America,” said Austin.


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