Young Champions: Local girls represent in a male dominated sport


Wrestling, is often looked at as a guy's sport.

"When I was growing up girl wrestling was non-existent and very rare. It was kind of looked down upon a little bit because girls wrestling, it’s a boy’s sport, girls wrestling was not welcomed,” said Marco Toledo, head coach of Gold Getters wrestling.

Five local girls have decided to lace up their shoes and change that stereotype.

"There were no girls there were just boys and I was like oh time to spice things up because why not,” said Emma Wilson, a 11-year-old wrestler.

Sure the boys might be stronger than them at first but that can change.

"Because boys are stronger than you but when you get as strong as them it's the same amount,” said Alohna Lewis, a 6-year-old wrestler.

Over time girls can even come out on top.

"It doesn’t phase me. I don’t pay attention to it as much. I think as myself as one of the guys,” said Alexis Wilson, a 17-year-old wrestler.

"I think girls can do anything that boys can do. I mean we are equal and there aren't any difference in us,” said Devon Bauer, a 12-year-old wrestler.

"Girls can do anything boys can do and they are just as strong as them,” said Isabella Lewis, a 10-year-old wrestler.

These young trailblazers have proven that girls can dominate in a male dominated sport.

"These kids know that these girls train just as hard. They put on the same shoes, they wake up in the morning, they run. Everything that a wrestler does. So we look at the girls here as wrestlers, not just girls, as wrestlers,” said Toledo.

As they all pave the path for the future of the sport all while showing that fear is a thing of the past.

"Don't be afraid, fear stands in the way of accomplishments,” said Devon.

"Don't be afraid, just go for it,” said Emma.

"You have to be brave and be strong,” said Alohna.

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