Sarah Kate is a swimmer at St. Michael.

"They don’t think of her as any different,” said Rich Suhs, Sarah Kate’s swim coach.

Sarah Kate defies the odds

"When she wants to try something she does,” said Andi Sligh, Sarah Kate’s mom.

Some call her a role model.

"I've been told like oh you're such an inspiration but I don't really see it. I'm just doing things everyone else is doing,” said Sarah Kate Sligh, a 15-year-old swimmer.

That's just it.

She's doing things everyone else is doing but she was born 10 weeks premature and she has cerebral palsy.

That doesn't stop her.

"She came out a fighter. When she was 2.5 pounds in the NICU she was a fighter, that's just her,” said Andi.

"I basically swim just like any other person but I don't use my legs and it's a whole lot harder but my legs just kind of float behind me,” said Sarah Kate.

Even with this extra challenge, Sarah Kate has continued to be a trailblazer.

Recently she was invited to train with US Paralympic coaches and compete in a Paralympic swim meet where she exceeded expectations.

That opened her mind to new opportunities.

"It was kind of like a door to me because I've always swam with able body swimmers and I have always been slow but then I won first place and I was kind of like I’m fast and I could do a whole lot with this and I’ve started devoting more of my time to swimming and getting faster so I could take it and run with it,” said Sarah Kate.

Her will to never give up has taught everyone around her an important lesson.

Her positive attitude keeps her swimming.

"You just got to except that you have this thing that is different about you and keep going. You can't change it so you shouldn’t waste your time being upset about it,” said Sarah Kate.

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