Archery is a sport that is gaining rapid popularity throughout our area.

However, it’s not an easy sport.

"There is a lot more to it than just shooting a bow,” said Aaron Stork, a Junior at Alma Bryant High School.

"Your mind game has to be really strong," said Kassie Burch, a Senior at Alma Bryant High School.

"There was a point where I was shooting 400 to 600 arrows a day which is way beyond average. My fingers were swollen up from calluses and bleeding,” said Caleb Thornton, a Junior at Alma Bryant High School.

For the Alma Bryant archery team, their bloody fingers and constant practice has paid off.

"We've won state every year we've been here except for one and that was in 2010 and we managed to beat them at worlds when we went on to the next step,” said Roy Richardson, the Alma Bryant archery coach.

The feeling of winning for these athletes never gets old.

"I was scared and I was nervous but I was just like I am going to go in and give it all I got and see what happens and I ended up shooting a 291 and I was 3rd and state and I was too happy,” said Burch.

"I was too excited and I remember walking back to my teammates and they were all jumping up and down and I was trying to hold it together but it was crazy,” said Stork.

Every day they continue to push themselves to be the very best.

"There's a new chapter to be written every time you step on the line and you know if we can keep them with that on mind then you are in. Now let's see what you got,” said Coach Richardson.

As they reach new heights every day, they lean on each other for support.

"They are like your family so you can rely on them. So if you are feeling down well here they come. They are going to pick you back up and you're not going to have that oh well feeling, they are there,” said Burch.

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