Caroline's role on Spanish Fort's volleyball team is a little different than what it used to be.

Two years ago it was her warming up for another Tuesday night game.

"I was pretty athletic. I played softball, volleyball, and basketball. I was a normal teenager. No history of cancer but childhood cancer doesn't discriminate. Nobody knows the causes so I just happen to be the kid and I am just happy it's me and not someone else,” said Caroline Berry, a Junior at Spanish Fort High School.

But cancer isn't sidelining her from helping others.

“You can’t change it so even if you’re sitting their mopping you can’t change it so you mine as well use it for others. If you know you are going through it and there are others going through it wouldn’t you want to stop it for other people so they don’t have to go through it either,” said Berry.

At the beginning of the month Caroline took to social media in hopes of raising awareness for childhood cancer.

Her video caught the attention of a rival high school, Robertsdale.

Who quickly decided they were going to put the rivalry aside and help raise money in Caroline’s honor.

"You have to put it aside that we are rivals and when we get on the court you want to win but at the same time we are willing to support them and she’s a teammate and she’s a person. That's one thing you do with sports, when you are on the court you are competitive but off it she is a person and she wakes up every day just like all of these other girls do,” said Madeleine Petite, Robertsdale Assistant Volleyball Coach.

Spiking childhood cancer together

"If we can all put that aside at the end of the day and come together to make a change it’s just amazing,” said Berry.

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