Camden's need for speed started when he was five years old. Thanks to a weekend and his grandparent's house.

"We got the call he was coming to stay rather than watching cartoons with him I built up college football and we watched that on Saturday then on Saturday night to Sunday at noon we watched NASCAR and it stuck,” said Roy Cook, Camden’s Grandpa.

From there his passion for racing ignited.

"It feels great, it feels pretty nice when you have the adrenaline going and your passing around people it's just really fun to do,” said Camden Prouty, a Junior at Bayside.

Passing other racers isn’t uncommon for Camden.

Last year he was named Alabama’s Young Lion Champion and went on to finish 9th place internationally for Young Lions.

"It feels really nice when you are out front and winning all of the time. I don't know how to describe it unless you're doing it yourself,” said Camden.

The one thing he does know how to describe is his pride.

"I feel pretty proud to win and my family can say that's my kid that just won,” said Camden.

You better bet that the man who helped spark Camden’s passion for racing is one of his biggest fans.

"Everyone at the race track knew that I was excited because I was yelling and running down the stands and going to him. When he wins everyone knows that I am related,” said Roy Cook, Camden’s Grandpa.


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