We met up with Amanda Edwards from Poplar Home Waterproofing to discuss how they're business has grown and the many services they provide.

Below is a list provided by Poplar Home Waterproofing of when you may need their services and some of the services they provide:

When you may need our services...

Foundation or Structural Repair is often indicated by the following:

*Cracks in the exterior brick of the home (especially stair step patterns)

*Cracks in the drywall in the interior of the home (i.e. above doorways)

*Separation of the floor or ceiling system from the baseboard or moldings *Sticking doors or doors that won’t close properly

*Unlevel floors, sloping floors, or “bouncy” floors

*Failing or over-spanned wood members under the home

*Termite damage, wood rot, or molded wood

Waterproofing Solutions are often necessary when:

*The house develops a “musty” or mold/mildew smell

*When mold or wood rot is found within the crawl space area

*Significant water intrusion is occurring within the crawlspace (i.e. standing water)

Exterior Waterproofing is usually necessary when:

*There is a failing retaining wall

*Complete washout of a portion of the yard

*When water is intruding into the home at below grade levels

*When the exterior grade of the home is above the interior slab causing water intrusion

*Wet garage or basement areas

Vapor Barriers

Custom cut and staked vapor barriers laid to prevent humidity from making it from the ground to the crawl space.


Full crawl space wrap (floor and walls) to seal out moisture.

Mold Remediation

Full wipe down and clean up with shockwave mold removal chemical

French Drains

Trench filled with gravel or rock containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface and groundwater away from one area to another.

Dehumidifiers/Seal Vents

Work by removing the air moisture in a crawl space, draining the excess water to sump pump systems or outside and then blows out warm air.

Basement French Drain/Water guard

Drainage system installed inside the home beneath the slab

Foundation Drains/Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

Installed at the foundation of a structure to prevent water from collecting around it.

Additional exterior waterproofing solutions to prevent interior water intrusion.

Foundation/Structural Repair

Pier and drop girder systems for supplemental support to address over-span floor systems

Reframe structural members from beneath the home (girder, band, joist, rim, sub-floor)

Other miscellaneous support and reframing solutions

Retaining Walls

Extra support where necessary to prevent erosion due to weather or other causes

Interior Framing & Re-framing

Opening up walls/floor plans in homes, framing new additions in homes

Miscellaneous Work

Fascia and soffit repair, deck repair, tuck-pointing (brick), helical stitches/ties, siding repair and replacement, flooring installation, window and door installation, vinyl/wood siding

….and much more!

Poplar Home Waterproofing LLC




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