Skin Cancer has affected a lot of us here on the Gulf Coast. Dr. Thomas Bender at Advanced Dermatology spoke with Chelsey about the different types of Skin Cancer that are most common and more dangerous. Some of them include:

Squamous cell carcinoma- Cancer caused by an uncontrolled growth of abnormal squamous cells.

Basal cell carcinoma cancer- A type of skin cancer that begins in the basal cells.

Melanoma- The most serious type of skin cancer.

Merkel Cell Carcinoma- this skin cancer is one of the most dangerous, as it can grow rapidly and spread to other parts of the body.

Merkel cell carcinomas tend to be small; painless; red, purple, or pink in color; feel firm; and may be shiny. They typically develop on the face, neck, or arms, but can develop anywhere and grow quickly.

Actinic Keratosis - actinic keratosis is a precancer or a premalignant lesion, caused by too much exposure to the sun, and most people develop more than one. Some (but not all) develop into squamous cell skin cancers, so it's important to spot actinic keratosis before it advances.

Advanced Dermatology performs a surgery to remove those cancerous tissues. Mohs surgery allows for the immediate microscopic examination of the removed cancerous tissue which eliminates days of waiting for a pathology report from an outside lab.

During MMS, the entire border between the cancerous skin and your healthy skin is evaluated, giving you the highest cure rate possible. This is what “100% surgical margin evaluation” means. The MMS technique works well because cancer grows and spreads in a haphazard fashion, making it hard to differentiate from healthy skin without precise microscopic evaluation.

MOHS Micrographic Surgery Benefits:

 •Precise removal of cancerous tissue    

 •Maximum preservation of uninvolved, healthy tissue      

•The highest cure rate of all skin cancer treatments

 There are performed by a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the “gold-standard” for the treatment of skin cancer

For more information, visit their website!

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