There’s a lot of talk about how important it is to be using your phone or texting while driving, but there are other common distractions in the car that can be just as dangerous.

David Greene from Greene & Phillips joined us to talk about ways we can make our trips safer by avoiding distractions while driving.

The following questions and answers were provided by Greene & Phillips:

Many cars in the last few years have big touch screens on the dashboard to control the GPS, Radio, and Air Conditioning, how dangerous is it to be using these while driving?

Well it can be extraordinarily dangerous. Any time you are taking your eyes off the road, you are going to have a severe delayed reaction to what’s happening in front of you whether someone is slamming on breaks, or running a red light. That’s why if you ever have a passenger, get them to set up the music, change the ac temp, or fix the GPS location. It’s just not worth the added risk to do them yourself.

If you don’t have someone to change the controls would you recommend pulling over to the side of the road?

Getting your music and gps set up before you start driving is ideal. But if you do need to mess with it, pulling off to the side of the road can be a great idea to avoid putting yourself in danger.

Talk about how much more dangerous this is for young drivers?

A lot of parents don’t allow any sort of phone, GPS, or music while they are learning to drive. That’s a great idea, because you see it all the time, kids get distracted by all the technology, and get into very serious wrecks.

If someone is injured as a result of a distracted driver, what should they do?

If you’ve been injured in an accident as a result of distracted driving, call or come by our office. You never need an appointment at Green & Phillips. The consultation is free and we don’t get paid unless we get money for you.

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