By: walajoeemer, Posted by: Robbie ByrdSteven Hadley from Fit Body Boot Camp in Daphne joined us on Studio10 with some great information on nutrition and fat loss tips.  March is National Nutrition Month.  Steven wants you to know that what you eat, is just as important as working out.Below are Steven's 3 Fat Burning Tips!Fat Burning Tip #1Eat slowly and stope eating when 80% fullFat Burning Tip #2Eat adequate complete protein at each meal1 palm size for women (20-30g) or 2 palm sizes for men (40-60g)Fat Burning Tip #3Eat carbs after workoutsPick whole grain starches and consume 1 cupped hand for women and up to 2 cupped hands for men after a intense workouts.Steven also provided a link for you to download a free Fat Burning cookbook! www.fbbccookbooks.comFor more nutrition tips or to learn more about what is all offered at Fit Body Boot Camp visit:

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