An Ohio couple is taking a one year journey through all 50 states! They joined us on Studio10 with an update. Click the link to see the interview and some pictures from their journey.

Below is an update they sent us to share!

We are excited to be here in Mobile for the next four days as part of our 1 year, 50 state tour of the U.S. - all in our little 18' teardrop camper! Today is day 155 of the one year journey with Alabama being our 20th state to visit so far!

We will be taking in all of the sights, sounds and food of Mobile over the coming days - and would love to tell our story to locals. We would also be more than willing to come to the station if needed.

As we have gone through each state, the journey has gained more and more attention – mostly because nearly everyone we come in contact with tells us they have dreamed of doing something like this. And we certainly hope to inspire more people to follow their dreams early in life, no matter what it might be. We have had a lot of fun talking about it along the way!

At 50 (Jim) and 49 (Mary), we retired early from our professional "day" jobs to simply start following our dreams. To that point, we decided from here on out, more than anything else, we wanted experiences. For one, we have always wanted to just go out and see America – and that is exactly what we are doing!

As a hobby, about 8 years back, we started writing about simple living on our Old World Garden Farms ( website. The website somehow resonated with many folks around the country, and grew to over 200,000+ email followers, 6 million monthly Pinterest views, and 75,000+ Facebook followers.

We have since published two books, Growing Simple (2016), and Raised Row Gardening (2018), and now spend our time enjoying life on our farm, along with traveling, writing and speaking about it all.

This trip is kind of the icing on the cake. Quite honestly, it is still amazing to both of us that we are now smack dab in the middle of it!

The Trip Details:

On September 9th, 2019 we headed out from our little 3 acre farm in Ohio for what we call our Journey of a Lifetime : A 365 day, continuous trip to see and experience all 50 states via the back roads of America. 48 of them in a row in our 18' teardrop camper, the final two of Alaska and Hawaii via air. ( we included a few photos of the trailer)

Ever since beginning this journey, and well before, so many who find out what we are doing share with us that retiring early from work and traveling and following their dreams is what they dream about every night.

And now, the more we travel and talk about it, the more people are following along. We have been documenting our day by day travels at, where you can see the journey's progress so far.


Day 155 of 365

States : 20/50

National Parks / Monuments : 20

Stayed In : Mobile, Alabama

Miles Driven : 54.2

Total Trip Miles To Date : 16,763.5

Total Gallons Used : 1206.00

Biking Miles : 0.0

Biking Miles To Date : 158.4

Hiking Miles : 4.7

Hiking Miles To Date : 350.6

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