With the fall weather FINALLY here... more people may be out and about to take a bike ride. David Greene from Greene & Phillips joined us on Studio10 to talk about how to stay safe while enjoying your ride.

The following questions and answers were provided by Greene & Phillips:

What are bicyclists legal rights to the road?

Under the law, Bicycles are considered just like motor vehicles. The one difference is that the bicycle should stay in the right-hand lane and as safely to the white line as they can. Other than that, they are responsible for following all the rules of the road such as riding with traffic, stopping at stop signs and lights, and signaling correctly.

A lot of people think bicycles should only be used on sidewalks, is this true?

This is actually a very common misconception. Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk can actually be extremely dangerous if the bicycle has any speed. Cars pulling in or out of driveways may not look for traffic on the sidewalk, and a bicyclist can pose great danger to pedestrians using the sidewalks.

Are cars and bicycles able to share the roadways safely?

Of course! Cars typically ride down the road much faster than bicycles go. So it’s important to know what to expect. This first rule though is to be respectful of everyone on the road. There is enough roadway to share with everyone.

How much room does a car need to leave a bicyclist while passing?

A city ordinance passed last year says there must be at least 3 feet between your vehicle and the bicycle you are passing. If you try to squeeze by a bicyclist in one lane you may end up clipping them with your mirror and seriously injure them.

What can a bicyclist do to increase their safety while riding in the evening or night?

State law says you must have a headlight and a tail light on if you are riding at night. The key is visibility. Where brightly colored clothing, make sure all your reflectors are installed correctly. Also, be sure to always wear a helmet no matter if you are riding in the daytime or nightime.

If a cyclist is hit by another vehicle, what should they do?

First, you should call 911, and make sure the police fill out an accident report. Second, get any medical help you need. And third, call an attorney. We’ve handled several bicycle and pedestrian cases. We have a team of experts that will investigate the details of your case. We’ll take your claim seriously and get you all the money you may be entitled to.

If someone has a question about bicycle safety, how can they reach you?

They can call us at 300-2000, or they can come our office on Florida St. anytime. You never need an appointment at Greene & Phillips.


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