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Crashes involving large trucks can be some of the most dangerous, causing very serious injuries and sometime even death. David Greene from Greene & Phillips is here to discuss what to do if you or someone you know is injured in an accident with a commercial truck.

How often do you see cases like this?

 We seem to hear about them quite frequently.

Trucking accidents happen far too often, and we come across them every day. Typically, the injuries to the victims are severe and sometimes fatal. It’s very unfortunate that these happen as much as they do, but there are so many drivers that do not follow the rules and regulations of driving these massive vehicles, and it leads to some of the worst possible accidents.

Are there any laws or regulations in place to try and prevent the number of large truck accidents?

Yes, truck drivers must keep detailed log books of their routes, and they are limited on the number hours they can drive within a certain period. Unfortunately, even with laws in place, these accidents still occur.

What should someone do if they are injured in an accident involving a commercial truck?

As always, seek immediate medical attention. Your health is the most important thing in any accident. Second, be sure that everything was documented. The police should have responded to the accident and made a report. Also, be sure to take pictures. And of course, do not take any calls from insurance companies or the trucking company without consulting a lawyer first.

In the unfortunate event that someone is killed as a result of an 18-wheeler crash, how would their loved ones handle the insurance companies?

It is so important to speak with an attorney first. There are certain processes the families of the deceased would have to go through, and it can be very overwhelming for them, given the amount of stress and grief they are already facing. Having the right team of attorneys, like Greene & Phillips, helping you through that process can reduce stress and provide a lot of relief.

If someone thinks they may have a case, how can they reach you?

You can call 300-2000 anytime or come by our office. You never need an appointment to meet with a lawyer at Greene & Phillips!

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