When emergency services are needed, time is of the essence. And today, David Greene from Greene & Phillips is here to talk about what to do in the event that you hear sirens on the roadways.

What is the first thing you should do when you hear sirens as you are driving?

First of all, don’t panic and don’t stop abruptly. This could threaten the safety of not only the emergency vehicle, but also other vehicles on the road. Be sure to move off to the side of the roadway if possible to allow the emergency vehicle room to get by.

What are some things you shouldn’t do when you hear sirens approaching?

The worst thing you could do is allow the oncoming emergency vehicle to distract you. This can cause bottlenecking and dangerous traffic situations that could very easily lead to an accident. And of course, don’t just stop where you are. Slow down, and pull to the side of the road, and be sure not to block any intersections.

Is there anything else you should do once you’ve heard the sirens of an emergency response vehicle?

Check your rear-view and side mirrors to estimate the speed of the emergency vehicle and plan your next move, then start looking for a safe area where you can pull over. Pull over and wait for the emergency vehicle to pass, keeping your foot on the brake so the brake lights let other drivers know you have stopped. Also keep in mind there may be more emergency vehicles heading in the same direction.

Have there been instances where emergency vehicles have caused accidents while responding to a call?

Yes, sometimes emergency response vehicles might fail to use the proper warning lights or sirens, and other drivers are not aware of their approach. Or, once they arrive at their destination, they do not continue the use of lights or sirens as they are blocking the roadways. Both can be very serious matters, and it’s best to always be aware of your surroundings and practice defensive driving.

If anyone has any further questions, how can they contact Greene & Phillips?

Very simply, they can come by our office anytime at 51 North Florida Street, or call 300-2000. You never need an appointment at Green & Phillips!

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