We’ve all heard the phrase “accidents happen,” but often times accidents can be avoided when proper precaution is taken. David Greene from Greene & Phillips joined us to discuss cases involving premise liability.

The following questions and answers were provided by Greene & Phillips:

What exactly does premise liability mean?

Premise liability is a term that describes the responsibility of a property owner to warn invited visitors or guests to possible dangers on the property. Say an owner of an apartment complex has decided to replace the banister of the second story apartments. He loosens the banisters, then he has the duty to put up a sign alerting residents and guests that the banisters are loose, so that someone doesn’t use the banister with the reasonable expectation that it will support their weight, resulting in an injury.

What are some types of cases where premise liability is involved?

Slip and fall, where there is liquid or something slick on the floor and the victim slips on it and falls. Sometimes a building will have an area of the floor that is uneven or has a large defect that could be a tripping hazard, resulting in a trip and fall cases. Also, injury cases that involve swimming pools, escalators, playground equipment, etc.

Are premise liability cases more difficult than car wreck cases?

They often are much more difficult than auto accident cases because it can be very difficult to prove that the fall and injury was the result of the property owner’s negligence. The burden of proof is very high.

What kind of evidence can help a premise liability case?

Take photos and video with your cell phone camera. Also, ask to see any and all security camera footage from the property, or nearby properties. Also, speak to witnesses and get their contact information. Documentation is so important for a personal injury case.

What should a victim of this sort of accident do?

Make sure to alert the property owner or store manager of the incident, and seek medical attention right away. It’s very important that you don’t talk to the other party’s insurance company. And of course, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.

If someone has questions about what to do after an accident, how they can contact Greene & Phillips?

Call us at 300-2000, or come by our office anytime on Florida Street. We always have an attorney available to speak with you.


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