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After you’ve been in a wreck, you may be unsure of how to deal with the Insurance companies involved. David Greene from Greene & Phillips is here to walk us through the steps to take when dealing with insurance adjusters.

After a wreck, what should you expect from the other driver’s insurance company?

Many times, they will call you and seem very friendly and helpful in walking you through their claim process, but that should immediately raise red flags for you.  These adjusters are not your friend.  Many are very skilled at their job in convincing you to take less money than you deserve from your injury. You’ve got to understand that many of the largest insurance companies make their profits by paying claimants as little as possible.

They’ll want to get a recorded statement from you. It’s important not to give them this statement without talking to a lawyer first.  They may trick you into saying something that could destroy your case.

What are some of the way’s insurance adjusters can convince people to take small settlements?

Insurance adjusters know that accident victims are shaken up and vulnerable.  Many times, they take advantage of this and try to convince you to take a quick check.  The sad thing is that they know that your claim is probably worth much more but will tell you that their small offer is the best offer you’ll get.

Have you had clients who were offered a check only to come to you and end up with a bigger settlement?

We see cases like this all the time.

What is the advantage to hiring a lawyer instead of pursuing the claim yourself?

1.            Lawyers that only handle personal injury cases know the value of your type of case. They know what juries have awarded for similar accidents, and the value of settlements from insurance companies and even individual adjustors.

2.            Not having to worry about all the paperwork, hospital liens, paying back your health insurance company or dealing with Medicare and Medicaid.  A personal injury law firm handles all this for you so you can concentrate on getting better and on your life. 

3.            Insurance Companies’ own research shows that claimants who have a lawyer get much more money even after attorney fees and expenses, than they would have they tried to pursue their claim on their own.

What should someone do if they have questions about whether they should talk to an insurance adjuster?

Come see us at 51 North Florida Street, you never need an appointment.  Or call us at 300-2000, we are available 24/7.

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