As today’s workforce grows, unfortunately so do the number of injuries on the job. David Greene, from Greene & Phillips, joined us on Studio10 to talk about your legal rights if you’ve been hurt while on the clock.

The following questions and answers were provided by Greene & Phillips:

First off, what are some of the steps an injured worker should take after they’ve had an injury on the job?

When a worker is injured on the job, the first thing they should do is notify their employer that they’ve been injured. If they are able to, take pictures of the scene, or if they are unable, have a co-worker take pictures. Your employer is going to have you fill out what is called a “First Report of Injury” this is very important to document what happened. Then get medical help as soon as possible.

What can a person expect once they tell their employer that they were injured on the job?

Under worker’s compensation you will be paid 66 ⅔ of your weekly wage while you are recovering. You also will be compensated at the end of your treatment. Also, if you experience future medical problems from the injuries you sustained from that accident, the worker’s comp insurance will cover those costs, too.

What if you are injured while driving a company vehicle?

Being injured while driving a company vehicle is far too common. After the accident be sure to have the authorities come out to document what happened in an accident report. Also follow any other procedures laid out in your company's safety plan.

In what situations should you hire a lawyer following your workplace injury?

The process of worker’s comp claims can be very complicated. Just like other types of insurance claims, the insurance company will often try to save themselves money by offering you less than you deserve for your injury. Furthermore, when you’ve been injured on the job, a personal injury lawyer can investigate other potential claims such as negligence by a third party, product liability, or auto insurance issues. If you talk to a worker’s comp lawyer who handles personal injury as well, they can help you determine what other claims you may have. At Greene & Phillips, we thoroughly investigate the case to make sure we get our clients the most money for their accident.

How much does it cost to hire a workers comp lawyer?

The consultation is always free, we’ll sit down and talk to you about your accident and injuries, and if we can help, we won’t charge you anything unless we get you money.

If some is injured on the job or has questions about worker’s comp, how can they reach you?

They can come by our office anytime located at 51 N Florida Street, or call 300-2000.

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