What your favorite Chocolate says about your Personality and Relationship Style

Updated: Feb. 8, 2023 at 9:29 AM CST
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No other treat gets people as emotionally invested as chocolate. Everyone has a favorite and is adamant that their favorite is the best. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate… It turns out that your favorite treat can actually say a lot about your personality! This romantic staple can even offer clues about your attachment style in a relationship. Chocolate is highly symbolic of love, passion, care, and happiness. Dr. Murray Langham (Dr. Chocolate) discovered a correlation between people's state of mind and their favorite chocolate. o Dark Chocolate: Problem solvers Optimistic about the future Innovative and willing to try new things Likely to give second chances o Milk Chocolate: Romantic at heart and likely to dwell on the past Generally happy and friendly Highly adaptable to new situations Satisfied with simplicity over extravagance o White Chocolate: Artistic and creative May be considered a "daydreamer" Have a strong sense of fairness • What if your favorite is a little more nuanced?? o Chocolate Fudge—Ambitious, goal-oriented, love special occasions and treating yourself o Hot Chocolate—Enjoy creature comforts, prioritize being cozy, prefer cold weather o Mint Chocolate—You're not afraid to stir things up! You have opinions and are not afraid to share them. You get along well with other mint chocolate lovers o Rocky Road—Aggressive, engaging, and a good listener • Not a fan of chocolate?? o Vanilla lovers are impulsive, emotionally expressive, and very successful with close relationships. o Strawberry lovers are introverted, logical, and thoughtful. o Butter Pecan lovers are conscientious and respectful, have high standards for right and wrong, and are afraid to hurt people's feelings. o Coffee lovers are dramatic and enthusiastic about life. They focus on the present, thrive on passion, and need constant stimulation.