Severe Ingredients

Along the Gulf Coast we know that springtime can bring some rough weather, but the fall can also have it's share severe systems.

Essentially the conditions can be very similar in the fall, but usually the window is a little shorter as things cool off too much for severe weather as we move into winter.

Severe ingredients:

So what are the ingredients that fall shares with spring?

Meteorologists have an abbreviation called SLIM

Shear: This is changing wind with height, direction or speed. This creates spins in the atmosphere and is most prominent as systems churn up the upper levels in the spring and fall.

Lift: This is the convection, storms, and fronts that get things started. Cold fronts moving south in the spring and fall are common.

Instability: This created when it's warm at the surface and cool in the upper levels. Essentially think of this as the atmosphere bubbling with energy. Once again cold fronts moving south generally provide this instability.

Moisture: This is the high humidity that creates the fuel for thunderstorms. This comes from the Gulf and is an ingredient that we usually have in abundance.

All these ingredients have to come together for widespread severe weather. The more of them... the nastier the conditions.  

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