We had tropical rains from Alberto and Gordon. We had severe weather, flooding, heat waves, and cold snaps. 2018 brought us a little of every kind of weather.

A low light of 2019 was at our beaches where we saw nine deaths due to rip currents. Raising that number to 110 since 1996, far larger than any other danger along the Gulf Coast.

Weather highlights of 2018:

The coldest temperatures of the year happened back in January during a cold snap on the 17th and 18th where Mobile got down to 17° and Pensacola got down to 21°.

The hottest temperatures recorded happened fairly early on in May. Mobile got to 97° and Pensacola got to 98° on the 14th and 13th respectively.

The wettest day in Mobile happened on December 8th, with about 3 1/2 inches falling. Meanwhile, Pensacola got nearly 6 1/2 inches of rain on September 5th.

Pensacola > Mobile

One of the strangest things about 2018 was how much more rain fell in Pensacola then in Mobile. There was 90 inches in Pensacola and only 63 inches in Mobile. In Pensacola this was the second year in a row the city broke 90 inches! Both 2017 and 2018 are top five years for rainfall with 181 inches altogether! That’s more than 15 feet of rain in the last two years and a two year surplus of 51 inches, more than 4 feet!

If nothing else, at least in the panhandle, you’re probably wishing that 2019 will be a bit dryer.

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