MOBILE, ALA.(WALA)- It’s a story that captured the attention of the nation. In 2002, 14 year –old Elizabeth Smart was abducted at knife point from her bedroom. A massive man hunt to find her went on for months. Held against her will and raped daily for nearly a year, her abductors threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. She was ultimately rescued by police.

Smart visiting Mobile to speak at a this years Focus Women's Conference. Hundreds of people showed up to hear her story of abuse and being held captive by her abductors. She also talked about finding life’s beauty in the midst of personal tragedy. FOX10 News spoke with her about her incredible story.

Smart said, "I don’t want people to give up, there are more good people in the world, than there are bad. No matter what you’ve been through, I think it is worth living, and that you can be in the darkest of dark places and you can come out the other side and you can find that beauty in life again. And you can find that love in life you can find all those wonderful things worth living for."

It's something one family in Prichard is now coming to grips with.

This week, Jasmine Fields was murdered by her boyfriend, who then turned the gun on himself. It all happening right in front fields seven and five year old children. We asked smart what she would say to the grieving kids if she had the opportunity to comfort them.

She said, "I would tell them to find their family, don’t wait for a family to find them, you find your family.

You family are the people that love you no matter what, they are the ones that have your back, you can turn to at any point in the day or night. Those are your family, the ones who are going to help you have the best life possible, so I would tell those young children, do not wait for a family to find you, you find your family. It might be a teacher, a friend, a friends mom, it might be a church leader, it might be a neighbor, might be a mentor, but find your family and grow your family."

Smart founded the "Elizabeth Smart Foundation", which aims to spread awareness and education about violent and sexual crime. 

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